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1. Familiarize yourself with your CAP planner information 


2. Develop time management strategies to help get you on track. 

✦See: Time Management 

3. Create a four-year high school plan. Think about what you’d like to accomplish in the next four years. Make sure you know which high school courses are required by colleges, and that you’re taking the right classes as early as the ninth grade. 

✦See: High School Courses  

We've created three samples of high school planners, each emphasizing a different field of interest. Look at each one and decide which best fits your academic capabilities and then use the 4 Year High School Plan Worksheet to create your own: 


Sample Four-year Planner: Trade School  

Sample Four-year Planner: STEM  

Sample Four-year Planner: Undecided  

4 Year High School Plan Worksheet  

4. Set goals for the school year. Working toward specific goals helps you stay motivated and focused. 


SMART Goal Guide/Example 

SMART Goal Template 

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