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This specialized digital planner contains all of the content in the General College Planner PLUS:

  • Videos to help CC families understand how CC+ Course & Credit Transfer works.
  • CC+ four-year high school plan that incorporates all of the CC+ courses that are offered in Challenge II, III and IV.
  • Early/Registration deadlines for CC+ courses
  • Helpful reminders for important CC+ partner college tasks like ordering transcripts, when payments are processed, deadlines for dropping courses, etc.

Since this planner is editable your student can add specific assignment dates and other tasks so all of their information is in one digital planner.

Your purchase includes:

  • Access to a personal planner for up to four years. (Access to the planner ends in June of the year the student graduates)
  • A timeline from Freshman thru Senior year of high school listing tasks to assist student with college planning.
  • Helpful fillable-forms for preparing a four-year high school plan, tracking college applications, transcript preparation and more.

After an order is placed, an access link will be emailed to you typically within 24 hours.

View a sample planner here.

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