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Our Clients Say

High School Student
DISCOVERING DIRECTION CONSULTATION "Our consultation was very thorough and extremely helpful in pointing my son in the right direction for a career. The testing was very detailed which is what we needed. My son was completely at a loss when thinking of careers to pursue. The three part testing shows his interests, abilities, and values. Then it compares these three things with each other in order to show the careers he would best be suited for. Not only can we see his interests, but we can see if he has the ability to actually do the job. It also shows if the career will fulfill his values, as in what he desires in a career. I discovered my son would much rather work alone and be behind the scenes. I did not know this before. We now have a list of careers that satisfy all three of these criteria. The information received afterwards feels endless. My son now has a list of careers he can further explore (all included). There’s lists of colleges and universities that specialize in these careers, there are job listings, and much more. Literally there is so much to explore that we will never again have to do a blind internet search about careers. We now have an abundant amount of information at our fingertips that is specialized just for him. And it never expires. We can log on anytime and look through careers at our convenience. I’m so very thankful we found Joan, who went over the results and taught us how to navigate the information. I feel my son will easily be able to prepare for his future and we will be able to pick the right dual enrollment program to suit his needs while he is still in high school. Thank you Joan!"     Rory W.     July 8, 2021
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